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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Turning the other cheek?

Miranda Devine writes in the Sydney Morning Herald that turning the other cheek wont work

Ever since the attacks, Guardianistas have preferred the Basil Fawlty approach to the war on terror: don't mention the war. Deny its existence. Throw all your energy and resources into an attack on your own Government as it tries to keep its citizens safe. Defend to the death the human rights of al-Qaeda terrorists and their proteges. Declare that if we don't treat 'em nice they've won the so-called war.

It's a lot easier than trying to solve the problem of Islamic terrorism; you don't have to adjust your prejudices and your friends will applaud you at dinner parties.

And theres the problem. We don't have a united front because we've become soft. This is particularly true of the British. You don't win wars by being nice to your enemy. You'd think that this would be so obvious it wouldn't need a newspaper article.


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