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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Psychology of Suicide Bombers

The Pedestrian Infidel has a great post on the psychology of suicide bombers, as discussed by Pierre Rehov, the director of the documentary "Suicide Killers". Well worth a read.

On the suicide bombers themselves
Q - You say that a suicide bomber is a 'stupid bomb and a smart bomb' simultaneously. Explain what you mean.

A - Unlike an electronic device, a suicide killer has until the last second the capacity to change his mind. In reality, he is nothing but a platform representing interests which are not his, but he doesn't know it.

On the solution to suicide bombings
A - Stop being politically correct and stop believing that this culture is a victim of ours. Radical Islamism today is nothing but a new form of Naziism. Nobody was trying to justify or excuse Hitler in the 1930s. We had to defeat him in order to make peace one day with the German people.

I would also add that we need to stop acting like pussies every time the muzzie savages get pissed at a cartoon or misunderstood quote.


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