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Sunday, September 03, 2006

More Threats from Aussie Islamic Leaders

The government is sticking to its guns on the issue of integrating with Australian society. Only now, they have called on Islamic leaders to publicly denounce terrorism and to ensure that radical Islam is not tolerated in their own communities. This was met with the following threat

Ali Roude, chairman of the Islamic Council of NSW, said the government needed to drop the unhelpful rhetoric and stop targeting Muslims.

“It's difficult to promote harmony and social calm when our politicians and leaders are constantly targeting the Muslim community,” Mr Roude said.

“The conduct and behaviour and the viciousness of the language that they have used can only lead to bigotry and hatred, this is not in the best interests of our nation.”

This idiot has really lost the plot. How can a call to integrate with your host nation and denounce terrorism, stated in the most politically correct of terms, be classed as a vicious attack? This response will rightfully create suspiscion amongst non muslims that they are not taking the threat of global jihadism seriously and are seeking to shift the blame from themselves and their own communities back on to the government and Australian people for radicalising their youth. Its the cult of the victim, play the blame game and shirk responsibility wherever possible.


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