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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Islam - The Religion for Retards

So the pope addresses a university crowd with an academic lecture dealing with religious violence, in particlar stating that violence is against the will of god. Islamotards around the world unite in seething hatred against this and proceed to issue death threats to the pope, burn down churches and kill christians. And moderate muslims wonder where Islamophobia stems from? Hang on a sec, did I say moderate? I forgot that there's no such thing. I wish I could say this latest example of mass stupidity is surprising, but it's just another typical day in the bizzaro Islamic universe.

Angry muslims protesting violently against being characterised as violent

Some Islamic walking tents take time out from being beaten and genitally mutilated to condemn the evil pope

What could possibly beat a good effigy burning?

An Islamic attempt at peace, understanding and tolerance

What a bunch of fuckwits.


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