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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Convert or Die - Spencer Responds

Robert Spencer of Jihad Watch responds to pudgey Jihadist Adam Gadahns Al Qaeda convert-or-die video.

Thank you for the invitation, Adam, and for your thoughtfulness in extending to me in particular a personal invitation. But I'm afraid I must decline. While I appreciate that I would be your "brother in Islam" if I became a Muslim and turned my "sword against the enemies" of Allah, I cannot and will not give in to violent intimidation, come what may, and I do not want to live in a society that bows to such intimidation.

I believe that societies that respect the equality of rights before the law of all people, including women and religious minorities, as well as the freedom of conscience, are superior to those that do not. I hope that such societies will be able to summon the will to resist you and your "invitation" in all its implications before it is too late.

Meanwhile, Adam, I have a preliminary invitation of my own: I invite you to accept the Bill of Rights.

From Adams Wikipedia page it would seem that Al Qaeda have had to lower their US recuiting standards. I doubt we'll be seeing many Ivy Leaguers moving to Pakistan to marry an Afghani tent any time soon.

Also check out the FBI's seeking information page.


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