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Sunday, September 03, 2006

British Islamic Racism and Hypocrisy

A sad and tired British Islamic Rapper for Jihad by the name of Aki Nawaz rants about how the British are racist and how Britain is culturally worthless whilst completely missing the fact that his blatant stereotyping is, well, RACIST.

I would accuse the indigenous population of Britain of being far more guilty than the Muslim communities

I accuse Nawaz of being a hypocritic and a racist

now it's white Britain that has to go on its knees and beg for forgiveness

I call on the people of Britain to stand against Islamist thuggery and refuse to offer any apology of any kind, under any circumstances to Nawaz and the losers he claims to represent.

Your "way of life" is just not attractive to us so we "reject it"

Nawaz, your "way of life" is repulsive to us, so WE "reject it". Move to Saudi Arabia and STFU.


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